Starting point: Dorfwirt

Starting point: Dorfwirt

We start at the Dorfwirt Weinstabl in Kleinpertholz.

If you are traveling by car, you can also park here. Please park customer friendly, ie do not choose the best parking space. :)

Please start with a full battery, so that your phone does not switch off on the way.

Short note about the map before we start:
- the map is always oriented to the north. So it does not follow your line of sight
- On the map you see a blue marker: you should head there.
- You also see a green pawn: this is your current location!

If you can not see the green pawn, use the "-" sign on the left edge of the map to zoom out. If you still can not see the figure, check if you have activated your GPS.

Proceed to the spot...