Route: Nature park tour

The nature park is a popular destination for hikers and explorers. The sensitive bog, which is becoming rarer all over Europe, is protected in the nature reserve.

We show you beautiful places in the nature park and give insights what makes the moor so special and worthy of protection.

Starting Point:
Zentrum Naturpark Heidenreichsteiner Moor
Waidhofener Str. 80,
3860 Heidenreichstein

Start route?

  1. welcome
  2. The center
  3. The nature park school
  4. anthill
  5. crossroads
  6. Hanging stone
  7. Back at the Moorlehrpfad
  8. The moor
  9. Prügelsteg
  10. peat
  11. The future of the moor
  12. woodpecker
  13. Hochstand
  14. Forestry
  15. Forestry II
  16. The tree horoscope
  17. Down the hill
  18. Swimsuit with?
  19. On the way back
  20. Wild herbs
  21. Last station

Let's start!