Route: Hirschau

In this tour we discover the Hirschau. This is an area between Kleinpertholz, Amaliendorf and Altmanns is a popular area for walks and attracts visitors with beautiful views, lots of nature and forest.

We pass the rails of the Wackelstein Express, beautiful stones, a lot of forest and meadows and the stone mushroom.

Starting point:
Parkplatz Dorfwirt Weinstabl
Kleinpertholz 9
3860 Kleinpertholz

Start route?

  1. Starting point: Dorfwirt
  2. Head south
  3. The train - Part 1
  4. Amstetter
  5. The train - Part 2
  6. Christmas
  7. The black pond
  8. Road fork
  9. On the way to the lake
  10. Forest
  11. Hirschauteich
  12. More forest and meadows
  13. The mushroom
  14. At Hirschauweg
  15. Edelweiher pond
  16. The cold storage
  17. The old blacksmith - end

Let's start!